Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Booey Hottenstein

I had a chance to take a few shots of Booey Hottenstein the other night and a few people asked me about the lighting set-up for the composites that I made.  This was the first time that I  used 3 umbrella's.  The lighting was consistent and predictable.  Once I had the settings  dialed in I just slid the lights back and forth to control the power.  Pretty straight forward since I knew I was removing him from the picture and didn't need to worry about lighting a background.

The camera was set to manual. Somewere around f/13, 1/160th @ ISO 100.  The settings were also the same on all the lights.  Roughly 1/4 power throughout.  There was no specific reason that I choose to use a speedlight rather than another mono other than it was closest to me when I was setting up.    Below are the SOOC shots that I took in my garage and the final composite from a road that was used in the Lake Carey Road Race.

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